This is the place to obtain official builds of XMLRAD. These prebuilt packages are certified by DelosLabs.

Once you completed the download form on the right side, you will receive an email containing 2 links to download XMLRAD:

  • Stable: this is the recommended version to download. This version is updated after the testing of nightly build has not shown major regression. By experience, programmers maintaining web applications deployed into the wild should select the "stable" update channel.

  • Nightly: this version IS NOT recommended for maintaining web applications deployed into the wild. This version is updated nightly from updates committed at SourceForge. This version is subject to some regressions. By experience, this version would be selected by early adopters as a secondary installation in a dedicated folder C:\Delos\Nightly\XMLRAD

Note: programmers involved in the development of XMLRAD LTD (Long Term Development) will prefer to keep in sync with the GIT source tree available at SourceForge, they will build themselves XMLRAD and therefore are not concerned with prebuilt packages.

To compile XMLRAD applications you will need:




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