XMLRAD is an open source effort,
Support is provided by the community,
feel free to ask your questions at StackOverflow

How to modify the source tree?

  • Submit the unit/file you modified by mail as attachment,
  • Subject of the mail may contain the ticket number if it is a bug fix,
  • Body of the mail MUST explicitly approve that the attachment submitted does not contain any copyrighted content, no code coming from other open source project, the submitter MUST agree to have modified content by its own without copying from external resource
  • Body of the mail MUST contain the standard ISC license granting all rights of the modifications supplied to the project owner ie: XMLRAD LTD (Long Term Development),
  • your submission MUST BE based from the latest version of the source tree
  • your submission (as a unit/file) MUST contain only a single patch/modification
  • your submission MUST NOT contain multiple patches/modifications, otherwise your submission will be rejected
  • your patch will be reviewed and committed by one of the maintainers,
  • the whole project needs to compile properly otherwise your submission will be rejected,
  • the whole project needs to pass coverage and no new regression should appear, otherwise your submission will be rejected,
  • this methodology offers you the expertise of core developers adapting your submission to be compliant with proper guidelines
  • moreover this methodology provides you with the fastest way to get the most up-to-date whole source tree including your modification
  • your patch, once merged, will be maintained as prime source by the core developers of XMLRAD LTD (Long Term Development)
You may be granted direct commit access to the source tree, by providing 1,000 bug fixes.
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